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Welcome to the home page of the Center for Applied Neuroscience.

Brain scanThe Center is a non-profit making, interdisciplinary, membership organisation devoted to education involving the latest advances in brain research. It is also dedicated to raising awareness of the need for interaction between individuals and research groups involved in the application of the neurosciences. In particular, it focuses on research and discoveries that enhance understanding of the neural bases of human behavior.

The workings of the human mind will always be a seductive and challenging topic for human inquiry. Until recently, mental processes have been studied primarily through analysis of behavior. This is the traditional domain of “cognitive science”. However, the last three decades have seen important transformations within psychology, with the emergence of the new field of scientific investigation termed ‘Neuroscience’. Current research attempts to explain many of the central questions about the mind and brain, from perception of the visual world, through attention, learning and semantic memory, to emotion and the planning of complex action.

A key factor in the development of this new discipline has been technological advances in methods for non-invasive brain imaging which allow scientists to study the relationship between brain activity and cognitive mechanisms in awake, behaving, human subjects. Another has been the integration of several academic disciplines that have historically been quite separate. These include: cognitive psychology; clinical neurology and neuropsychology; medical imaging; behavioural neuroscience; neurophysiology and neuroanatomy.

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